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Mediator and Attorney at Law Arno Diederen Legal mediator en advocaat.
The role of the neutral the mediator is to help those involved sort out their issues and arrive at a consensus. That might involve finalizing an agreement, resolving a dispute, developing effective communications, building or improving relationships, or all of these things.
Team Van Huffelen Co: Attorneys Mediators.
Commercial and Economic Law, Corporate Law, Real Estate Law, Mediation and Arbitration. Law degree University of Antwerp. Master in Business Law University of Antwerp. Master in Real Estate Law University of Brussels. Certified Mediator since 2010. Languages: NL, FR, EN, DE.
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The team.
Marie-Anne Bastin, Consultant Avocat Médiateur Agréé. Helena De Backer, Consultant Advocaat Erkend Mediator. Theo De Beir, Consultant Advocaat Erkend Mediator. Pascale François, Consultant Avocat Médiateur Agréé. Christian Mahieux, Consultant Avocat Médiateur Agréé. Willem Meuwissen, Consultant Advocaat Erkend Mediator. Stany Ossieur, Consultant Advocaat Erkend Mediator.
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De Foer Law Legal aid Advice Counsel Private persons Companies Service providing organisations Antwerp.
Enough parking space is provided, and public transport trams and buses also stops at less than 100 meters from the office. To give you the best possible service, legal aid and legal advice we also work together with other law firms both at home and abroad.
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Mediation Veldhuijzen Nuiten Advocaten Mediators.
Usually the first meeting is not about the dispute itself, but about how the mediation process will proceed. Parties meet the mediator either together or separately so that the mediator can gather information for the further process. In most cases, the mediator will commence by talking about how the dispute came about and leave room for both parties to tell their side of the story.
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Vlasman Advocaat en Mediator Startscherm.
Mediation in family affairs Advocaat Quatacker.
The lawyer mediator in family affairs is a lawyer who is experienced in family law and who has received an intensive professional training focusing on the psychological and psychosocial aspects of family law. Only accredited lawyers are allowed to carry the title of lawyer mediator in family affairs.
Mediation Van As Advocaten.
The mediator provides all the required legal information and acts as independent chairperson of the meeting, during which the interests of all parties involved need to be observed. Moreover, the mediator ensures that all conversations and arrangements are properly recorded.

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