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Team Van Huffelen Co: Attorneys Mediators.
Commercial and Economic Law, Corporate Law, Real Estate Law, Mediation and Arbitration. Law degree University of Antwerp. Master in Business Law University of Antwerp. Master in Real Estate Law University of Brussels. Certified Mediator since 2010. Languages: NL, FR, EN, DE.
Mediation Van As Advocaten.
The mediator provides all the required legal information and acts as independent chairperson of the meeting, during which the interests of all parties involved need to be observed. Moreover, the mediator ensures that all conversations and arrangements are properly recorded.
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Approach Arno Diederen Legal mediator en advocaat.
Having more than twentyfive years experience in easing the many challenges of disputing parties, I offer my skills as a highly experienced, full-time mediator with all the Dutch attorneys skills and propose a positive, affordable alternative to any adversarial law dispute.
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Vlasman Advocaat en Mediator Startscherm.
Mediation De Bont Advocaten.
Our firm supervises mediations for taxpayers, however our colleague Arnaud Booij can also act as a mediator. He is a mediator registered with the MfN as well as an ADR Full Certified Mediator. He acts as a mediator in tax disputes and in business / governance disputes.
Mediation Asselbergs Klinkhamer advocaten.
In case of evaluative mediation the mediator has an active role and the mediator not only guides; he or she also provides information about legal rights and duties, the possible outcomes in court, the consequences of possible solution, etc. In case of facilitative mediation the mediator is mainly focused on effecting an optimal negotiation environment.
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Mediation, specialisme van advocaten De Voort Advocaten Mediators Tilburg.
And in the event of imminent disputes a mediator can proactively help prevent escalation, and facilitate constructive consultation. Mediation can also provide a solution in case disability is caused by communication problems or misunderstandings. The mediators of De Voort regularly and successfully assist parties in resolving their problems.
Mediation in family affairs Advocaat Quatacker.
The lawyer mediator in family affairs is a lawyer who is experienced in family law and who has received an intensive professional training focusing on the psychological and psychosocial aspects of family law. Only accredited lawyers are allowed to carry the title of lawyer mediator in family affairs.
Your lawyer Mediation Balie Brussel.
What do lawyer-mediators do? Mediators help the parties reach a joint conclusion and find the right solution to the conflict between them. Mediation is a voluntary, confidential procedure to resolve a conflict, with the mediator guiding the negotiations between the parties involved.

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